5 reasons to embrace wearable technology

It’s estimated that the UK will spend over £100million on wearable technology this Christmas. Predictions are that the wearable tech market will be worth billions in the coming year, yet only one in five of us owns a piece of ‘wearable’ tech (excluding things like iPods and iPhones) at the moment. So why should we


Buying smartphones these days can be a difficult thing to start with because of the digital exposure and technological updates. Most people find it very difficult and are confused on what to buy when it comes to smartphones. When buying smartphones there are few things you must check out for, among which are the feature,

What to Look for in Your Next Pair of Headphones

Headphones are awesome accessories to accompany practically any electronic gadget. Whether it’s for a morning job with your iPod or settling down to work on your tablet during a long flight, headphones are a great way to tune into your project, movie, music or game while tuning out everything else.     Surround Sound Quality

Some Apps That Need To Install On Smartphone Devices Firstly

It is a common known fact that more than the dominant hardware, what build a device valuable is the wonderful applications that can run on Smartphone devices. An application is capable of making life easy and supports users in almost all the actual life problems. There are some customized apps for each and every platform

7 Exciting Features Of iPhone 5S From Apple

Apple has introduced a new and enhanced version of the iPhone 5 that iPhone 5S. IPhone 5s has similar design as of iPhone 5 but contains some enhanced and revolutionary features in it. Due to the most exciting features, consumers are attracted towards it. Here is a list of exciting features of iPhone 5S, mentioned

5 Highly Puffed Gadgets That Never was Introduced

There are so many gadgets available, which made their presence in a brief manner with the help of marketing type, mode ahead of their launch. This has given way for the sake of anticipation and excitement among the spectators but later on, these disappointed them by never existing them into the market. These were never

Six Apps That Are Banned To Be Used On BYOD Devices

Build-your-own-device (BYOD) is one of the most popular trend available in these days. With this trend, users can move their offices to ease off their devices. This trend is rising every day. Tablets and Smartphones are some popular devices that come under this trend. These things may look awesome and cool but there are some

Future tablets – bendable, flexible, unbreakable?

When tablets first came on the scene, everyone was, to be honest, just a little bit sceptical. We have smart phones and we have laptops, so why have something in between that has some but not all of the functions of each? Tablets seemed to be trying to be all things to all men, and

What is IT Service Management?

Business operations are evolving at a breakneck pace in the 21st century. For many growing enterprises, traditional in-house IT service management solutions are no longer possible. The logistics required can be daunting and the costs and security issues involved may far outweigh the benefits provided. IT service management (otherwise simply known as ITSM) has now

VoIP Phone Service for Home

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one revolutionary service that has transformed the face of modern day telecommunication, by making it even more convenient, economical and better in quality. In contrast to the traditional telephone services, VoIP Phone service providers offer high-quality tele-calling services through the Internet medium. The service does not require any extra