Samsung Galaxy Skin: The Bendable and Unbreakable Smartphone Set to be Released This Year

The race for the best smartphone is never-ending due to the ever-revolutionizing ideas coming from phone technology giants like Apple, HTC, LG (with its latest phone, LG E 400), and Samsung. However, recent technology news and articles say that Samsung may go a bit further in the race of high-tech phones as Samsung Galaxy Skin is rumored to be out in the market this 2012. Unlike current smartphones, the concept design of Galaxy Skin is undeniably more unique and striking. The main difference of Galaxy Skin from presently marketed smartphones? It is bendable and virtually unbreakable.Samsung Galaxy Skin

Origin of Samsung Galaxy Skin Conceptualization

The concept roots of the said smartphone are associated with the idea of Hye Yeon You and Professor Haesong J. Jee. The duo’s concept for a sturdy and bendable phone resulted in the conceptualization of a new phone with epic proportions in terms of functionality and uniqueness. Upon realizing the potentials of the said technology, it was reported that Samsung gave in to the idea and decided to start the research and initial manufacturing of new breed of smartphone; hence, Samsung Galaxy Skin is born.

In January 2011, the company first divulged its new technology about bendable AMOLED screens. The exhibition proved that the bendable screen can tolerate great wear and tear, even hammer strikes. The prototype used for the exhibition featured a 0.3mm thick and 4.5 inches across AMOLED screen. The creation of the bendable screen is due to the technology of atom-thick layers of graphene layers. This technology provides ample resistant and durability to the AMOLED display of the gadget. After a year from the said exhibition, Samsung is rumored to finally release its bendable phone, Galaxy Skin, on the second quarter of 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Skin Features

Although the features of Galaxy Skin are still on closed doors, many web technology writers and experts believe that it will include massive and highly-reliable specifications. It is believed that the smartphone will feature 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 8mp camera, and of course bendable AMOLED screen that has 800 x 480 high-resolution. The said specifications are closely comparable to the present smartphone being marketed by Samsung, Galaxy S II. It was also reported that experts believe that Galaxy Skin will also feature Exchange ActiveSync, video messaging, and other staple smartphone features. Speculations about running on a new Android platform known as Android Flexy is getting strong as many experts suggest that Galaxy Skin will require a new version of operating system that will suit the needs of the phone.

Nevertheless, smartphone and Samsung fanatics should not yet assume as the company is still mum about the final features of Galaxy Skin. However, the consumers can be certain that Samsung has the capacity of producing and marketing bendable phones as it is evident in unveiling flexible AMOLED screens last year.

What Lies Ahead for Samsung and Other Smartphone Manufacturers

If Galaxy Skin gets out of the market this year, most likely other smartphone manufacturers will also release their highly-innovative and trendsetting gadget pieces. Consumers can expect innovative gadgets from Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, and other brands. Galaxy Skin can become a fire starter in terms of a new smartphone wars.

See how it looks like below…..

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