5 Amazing Android Applications You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

They are over 180000 plus of android application in the market place that can suit the smooth operation of an android mobile phone like the Samsung galaxy, HTC mobile, Nokia lumia and the likes, but as an individual with differs needs and priority, just a few of them will be needed to run the daily activities irrespective of the magnitude number of the application that are presented to us at the market place. Despite the fact that few of this application will be needed from what we have in the market place, there are still some application that we’d love to have even after having all the desired ones. I’ll be talking on some major ones on this article and I’ll like you to take a look at them.

Gentle alarm

Are you a gentle man or woman or generally the type that loves to keep to time to every schedule? If you are, then the “gentle alarm” should be a vital application to have on your android phone, there are various type of alarm application but the best of them will be distinguished by some distinct features that others don’t have.

The gentle alarm application is an application that helps in reminding you of those assigned appointment on your phone. Though you can find any other application that will do this for you but the outstanding function of gentle alarm application makes it a better one among the rest. With a gentle alarm application, you gain the chance to be notified 30min before the appointed time, it also provide you with a tremendous features that make you switch the alarm off with your voice and not your hand. This means that when your phone alerts you with an appointment schedule, you can switch of the alarm by just talking to your phone.

Vignette application

Do you get amazed by the way photographers help in beautifying images, or are you the types that like to take pictures and modify them to your own taste? If yes are your answers, then “vignette application” is the best application to be install on your android mobile phone. Vignette application is an application that helps to make quick effect on the picture on your android phone to whatever taste you like. It has 68 different effects like the black and white effect, the sepia effect, and many others. It also has 56 different picture frames that you can use in beautifying your pictures. Using a vignette application gives you the chance to show out the photography talent in you.

Launcher pro

There are time you’ll want your wallpaper to take a new look better off the look it is default with, with a android application like “laucher pro”, you can design your wallpaper in a way that will be different from every other wallpaper. The additional feautres embeded in this appplication is that: it is faster than the regular ADW, and it has a function of scrolloing notification on the screen.

Handcent sms

This application is one of a kind and should be used for sending messages other than the regular android messeaging application, this application comes with beautiful customised interface, popups and various message options that will define your experession to the fulliest. The best part of my story can be told when you make use of this application.

Google goggles

Another android application I’ll like you to know about is the “google goggle” application. This application is just like a gift from google, it’s an application that google gives out for the users of android operating system, it work like a search engine whereby you can take pictures of anything, paste it online and get the information of what such thing is. It is an application that will be good for everybody most especially the travelers, student and researchers on mission. The application will help you with information of places object and lots more with ease, you won’t have to be worried about the correct spelling of what you intend knowing, if only you have the pictures on your android mobile phone.

This guest post is written by Paul T who blogs about 4g mobile broadband.


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